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Galaxy Lander.

Galaxy Lander is a mix of the game Thrust from c64 and moon/jupiter lander  from the arcade machinest.
 The game features 10 levels of action. Fly through different caves and bomb enemy Bearmer, deliver cargo to a collector and much more


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Bacterium Imperium.
Bacterium Imperium is a smiple strategy game in which you will have to reach the Computers side of the screen by injecting you bacterias.
To help you do this you have different injection methods at your disposal. Make the best of these and eliminate the computer players bacterias.

Make sure you surround and conquer the areas surrounding the gray spots on the playfield to get higher grow reate of you bacterias.

Baterium Imperium


IslandBis 2
The new followup to IslandBis(z)1 haven been under development for quite a time now and Stig is getting ready for a release. Currently the Beta is under testing.
The game itself features most of what IslandBis1 was, and much much more. Itís not only a simulation of the island but it simulates each and every person living on the island, down to how happy they are and if they own a car.
It means that every single citizen got their own set of features, and needs. A floating economy based on income from citizens, and there are several adjustments available trough the interface. A short list of what will be simulated/calculated within each citizen.
- Food, they eat food to heal, and it costs money.
- Cash, they all got their own economy(also different income classes).
- Health, yep they can get sick. Virus/disease or just getting old.
- Age, well it explains itself
- Male of Female, pretty basic feature.
- Thoughts, they will react to tax adjusting. Government spending etc.
- Happiness.
- Things to spend money on, home, car etc. This will affect happiness and income.
- If they are working or not, also different types of income.

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Islandbis 2


Islandbis is a game where you control a small island, you choose the tax etc. And from that you adjust what to spend the money on to keep the population on the isle happy and free of pulution.

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