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GameBiz 3
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Game Type :
Tycoon Business manager
Release date :
October 2010

Requirements :
Windows XP - Windows Vista - Windows 7
Minimum Resolution : 1024*768
Recommended CPU : 1.6 GHZ pentium 4

Price : 14.99
Info on buying

GameBiz 3 is a Business Simulator.

GameBiz 3 simulates the videogames and console/computer industry from 1980 to 2030.
In GameBiz 3 you can develop new consoles, computers, games, publish games and much more.

In Gamebiz 3 you have highly customizable Computer and game creation and design.
Look at the below two video's for more detailed info on GB3 :
Creating platforms and hiring people
Video (6 mb)
Creating games and misc menu's
Video (11 mb)

Create Consoles and computers and compete with the likes of Atari, Microsoft, Sony and other great game and platform companies in one of the most competitive business in the world.  Create a number one selling title and beat the real life games.
Setup research and other facilities to make sure your products can compete in the industry.
Hire the best programmers, designers, technicians etc. to create the best products the world has ever seen.
Setup a publisher and earn loads of money by publishing the best games in the industry.

Features :
Starting year range from 1980 to 1995. Game ends in 2030.
Compete with over 20000 real life games and around 20000 fantasy game titles.
Compete with more then 1500 of the big games and console/computer companies.
Design Platforms (Consoles/computers) by creating the design of the motherboards and chips.
Create text, 2D and 3D games.
Research new chip types.
Create Applications like Word processing, paint etc. to be able to bundle 1st class software with your Computers.
and much more...

It is always a good idea Checking that Gamebiz 3 is compatible with your computer. Test the game before buying : download the playable demo

We will email you your username and registration code as soon as we receive payment details from paypal.
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