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GameBiz 3 Online Help

(WORK in progress)


Main game area :

1 : Status area
Status area will show warnings like nearly out of office space, money etc. The warning text can be clicked for more details or linked into the solution. The status area also displays number of new products ready for release and number of unread mails.

2 :  Hardware and software market status
Shows Computer vs. Console demand. Check this out before deciding which Hardware type you are going to develop for maximizing earnings.
Software demands shows the current games/software demand. When Christmas sales begins around week 38-40 the bar is almost at maximum which is the best time to sell your products.
Hardware demands graph shows the hardware sales trends in the next 12 months. Try timing a release of your computer/consoles when the graph is high as this means that a lot of people will be upgrading their hardware. 

3 : Main menu and buttons
This area is explained in details in a later section.

4 : State Icon area
The state icon area shows :
Unpaid tax - For every sales your company generates you have to pay tax. Tax amount depends on which reigion you have your Head quarter.

Offices available - Show how many offices is in use. You can upgrade building to get more office space. Upgrading buildings is discussed in details in a later section.

Storage available - Storage/warehouse space important to  upgrade if getting near zero. The storage can go into negative numbers. This means that you storage is filled and that you employees is using available space at the offices to store more units. But when the number is into negative numbers you have to either sell whts in the storage to be able to produce more. You can discard ole inventory from the warehouse menu.
NOTE : A game unit takes up 1 unit of storage. A console or computer takes up 4 unit space in the storage.

Cash flow - Shows cash flow for previous week, and current month and year.  

5 : Tasks and products area is discussed in details in a later secton

6 : Info Area
The info area can display the market status of the regions (USA,ASIA,Scandinavia etc), Stats on income, cost, money and wages. Comprehensive Statistics can also be viewed by clicking on the "statistics" in the main menu.  

7 : Options area
In the option area the save game and end game and more is accessible.
The black icon is the console where you can write commands and try to "hack" for cheats. the SFX icon will toggle music on/off.

(WORK in progress)


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