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Gamebiz 3

Game Type
: Tycoon Business manager
Release date : October 2010
: 14.99

GameBiz 3 is the newest game in the Gamebiz series which started back in 2004.
Gamebiz 3 is about the Software and hardware gaming industry.
In Gb3 you can develop new consoles, computers, games, publish games and much more.
Try to conquer the charts and create a number one selling titles .
Create Consoles and computers and compete with the likes of Atari, Microsoft, Sony and other great game and platform companies in one of the most competitive business in the world

Gamebiz 2

Game Type : Tycoon Business manager
Price : Freeware

Gamebiz  2 is about the video game industry. You can develop new games for 37 different platforms, like PC, NES, PS2, XBOX, C64, Amiga and many more. You can also develop new Consoles/ platform. Try to beat competition like Commodore, Nintendo, Microsoft and all the other big companies.


CarBiz : Megacorp

Game Type : Tycoon Business manager
Release date : August 2008
: 9.99

Manage A car company starting in 1920 or as late as 1960. Design new cars in 2D/3D. Buy out competition on the stock market. Set up a sportscar/F1 team. Ensure fleet orders from governments (police etc) around the world.. and much more...

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